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Garter Spring Manufacturing

  • Hard drawn high carbon wire applications
  • Stainless steel wire applications
  • Brass applications
  • Wire diameters most commonly range from .006” to .034”
  • Coil diameters most commonly range from .039” to .0188”
  • Assembled diameters (AID) most commonly range from .224” to 12.5”

Garter springs

Garter springs are coiled steel springs that are connected at each end to form a circular or ring shape. The primary purpose of a garter spring application is to maintain lip seal pressure on a shaft or reinforce a rubber seal around pipe joints. Garter springs are also commonly known as oil springs as they are most frequently used to secure seals around oil pipes. When used around a rotating shaft garter springs hold in lubricants for the shaft. The circular shape of the garter spring is ideal as it allows them to withstand force from all directions and they maintain pressure on the cylinder or shaft. Garter Springs prevent contamination from water, dust, dirt, lubrication, and chemicals. A compression type garter spring pushes radial force outward and an extension garter spring applies inward force. Garter springs are typically manufactured with either carbon steel or stainless steel wire however the garter springs can be produced using brass, inconel and music wire as well.

Garter Spring Applications

  • Transmission Seals
  • Valve Stem Seals
  • Trucking Industry Wheel Seals
  • Railroad Wheel Seals
  • Diesel Engine Seals
  • Off Road Wheel Seals
  • Pinion Seals
  • Shock Absorbing Seals
  • Air Condition Seals
  • Water Distribution Product Seals
  • Gear Box Seals
  • Hydraulic Pump Seals
  • Appliance Industry Seals
  • Washing Machine Seals.
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